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sorrel weed haunted

The Sorrel-Weed House: Haunted By Bad History?

The Sorrel-Weed House
6 West Harris Street

One of my great loves is unravelling a mystery. It is why I do what I do, namely running Savannah ghost tours and writing books about all the great ghost stories in this

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ghost tour

A New Orleans Ghost Story: The Columns Hotel

Here is a sample from my book, The Haunted History of New Orleans: Ghosts of the French Quarter. Observant readers might notice from the address listed below, however, that this story hails from the Garden District, not the French

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colonial cemetery haunted

Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah: History and Hauntings!

Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah
201 East Oglethorpe Avenue

An often-quoted saying about Savannah is that it is a city built on its dead. It is true, by the way; we have a strange habit of placing streets, sidewalks, houses …

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