Haunted Savannah Gets National Press

U.S. Airways Magazine, a national publication with a circulation of over 200,000, recently featured Haunted Savannah author, Cobblestone Tours founder and Savannah ghost tour guide James Caskey in their October 2013 issue. The topic? Haunted Savannah, of course! It is their Halloween issue, after all, and Savannah is America’s Most Haunted City.

So, why is Savannah so haunted? Come find out for yourself. The article is intended solely as an entry point to give you proper historical and experiential context when you visit. Much as you should never give sashimi right off the bat to someone who has never had sushi, or force a fledgling art historian to immediately confront a Jackson Pollack, one needs a frame of reference to properly appreciate Savannah. I will not be sucked into tilting at windmills by trying to describe Savannah’s haunted reputation by citing ‘evidence’ provided by infrared cameras or ghosts ‘caught on film’ in the form of orb photos. I have never needed a blurry photograph or a fancy piece of equipment to beep me into believing that a location is haunted, because Savannah is entirely a visceral, personal experience. My advice instead is to come sit at the bar at the 17Hundred90 Restaurant, for instance, and pay careful attention to how that place makes you feel, ghosts or otherwise. I feel the experience is entirely worthwhile, and cannot imagine the 17Hundred90 without feeling the tugging of long-departed souls as I enjoy a drink there. Describing that my electrostatic-whatsis-gadget lit up twice as much as normal would do nothing to describe that feeling of noble, unrelenting tragedy that has seeped into the old bricks at that particular location.

The article highlights several famous ghostly haunted Savannah locations, such as the 17Hundred90 Inn, Moon River Brewing Company, and the Kehoe House.
Haunted Savannah America's Most Spectral City

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