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Happy Hauntings at Garibaldi’s Seafood in Savannah

Hauntings at Garibaldi’s Seafood?

I was asked recently about hauntings at Garibaldi’s Seafood. One of my favorite parts of running a Savannah haunted pub tour is that moment where someone asks me about a particular venue (hotel, bed and breakfast,

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Hauntings at the Congress Street Social Club in Savannah

Congress Street Social Club: When I reissued my book Haunted Savannah in 2013, I wanted to expand some stories and include some other interesting hauntings I had investigated in the eight years since the book was originally published. Unfortunately, when

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The Haunting of Charles C. Jones, Jr., Savannah Mayor

When I updated my book Haunted Savannah in 2013, there were several stories which I wanted to add, and a few chapters which I wanted to expand greatly. Unfortunately, there were space (page count) considerations– the original book (the 2005

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Ghosts at the Olde Pink House

This is a chapter from my book, Haunted Savannah:

On Reynolds Square, the Olde Pink House restaurant sits as both a standard for Southern cuisine and 18th century Georgian architecture. It is a popular stop for many ghost tours

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Ghosts at the Davenport House in Savannah GA?

Ghosts at the Isaiah Davenport House?

Isaiah Davenport House, 324 East State Street- One of the most popular stops on Cobblestone Tours’ Savannah walking ghost tour is located on the northwest corner of Columbia Square: the Isaiah Davenport House, …

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