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savannah foodie tour

Our Culinary Tour Partners

Here is a partial list of our culinary tour partners. Ever-expanding and changing, the group of dining establishments we’ve partnered with offers the very best tasting cuisine in Savannah! Our promise to you: no national chains and no theme-park style …

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dueling in savannah

Dueling in Savannah

Dueling in Savannah was once quite commonplace. The practice was sometimes referred to as ‘pistols for two, and coffee for one.’ Starting virtually from the beginning of our colony, the convention of one man facing down an armed adversary continued …

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moon river haunted

What is the most haunted building in Savannah?

Moon River Brewing Company is the most haunted building in Savannah. There, I finally admitted it in print. After over a decade of hedging my answers to the “most haunted” question, it’s finally time to start admitting what psychically sensitive …

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