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moon river haunted

What is the most haunted building in Savannah?

Moon River Brewing Company is the most haunted building in Savannah. There, I finally admitted it in print. After over a decade of hedging my answers to the “most haunted” question, it’s finally time to start admitting what psychically sensitive …

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Savannah pub crawl story

Why didn’t Sherman burn Savannah?

Why didn’t Union General William T. Sherman burn Savannah during the Civil War? In fifteen years as a tour guide in Savannah, I’ve heard a lot of theories. One of the local myths that refuses to die is the claim …

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history of collard greens

What is the History of Collard Greens?

I was recently asked a great question on our food tour in Savannah: “What is the history of collard greens?” Well, greens date back to prehistoric times. They are practically the dinosaurs of edible plants– they’re one of the …

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Savannah Culinary Tour

The History of Chicken Wings

One of the best things about doing research for the Savannah Culinary Tour is learning why and how certain foods became popular. We like to have a Southern focus to our food history research, but this is not always the …

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Savannah Culinary ATour

How Did The Civil War Affect Southern Cuisine?

As a tour guide who leads the Savannah Culinary Tour, I’ve noticed some themes developing in our narrative. One of the things that I definitely try to get across during the tour experience is that Southern food is always …

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culinary tour in savannah

What is the History of Crab Cakes? Our Savannah Food Tour Answers

What is the history of crab cakes? Fans of this delicious dish will certainly find the offerings in Savannah satisfying, but one has to wonder about the origin of this delectable dish. In fact, this very question was asked on …

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savannah culinary tour

History of Shrimp and Grits on the Culinary Tour

One of the things I love most about running the Savannah Culinary Tour is that I get to talk a lot about the history of food. One of the biggest hits that is served on our Savannah food tour is …

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savannah food tour

Fried Chicken in Savannah: No Separation of Church and Plate

Fried Chicken in Savannah

You simply cannot take a food tour in Savannah without hearing about (and sampling some) fried chicken in Savannah. Southern cuisine and this magical, delicious dish are linked. Indeed, as I worked up a restaurant list …

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Early Savannah cuisine

The Early Savannah Colonists: What Did They Eat?

What did early Savannah colonists eat? One of the main themes of the Savannah Culinary Tour is to explore how diet has changed over the years. It’s a fascinating topic, and one easily explored on a walking tour as we …

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savannah food tour

Are Fried Green Tomatoes Even Southern? A Food Tour Controversy

savannah food tour

A Southern-Fried Controversy

Are fried green tomatoes even a Southern dish? It’s one of the issues we grappled with when constructing the Savannah Culinary Tour. Some would argue that a food tour in Savannah would be incomplete without them, …

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