Savannah Ghost Tour and Pub Crawl FAQs

Are reservations required?

Yes. Reservations are definitely recommended to ensure availability.

Where can tickets be purchased?

Purchase your Savannah ghost tour or pub crawl tickets here on our website, using our secure reservation system.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER. No American Express. Thanks!

Are the tour times listed the only tour times available?

Special events can mean special tour times, and tours are subject to availability. Private tours for groups can be scheduled at any time of the day, pending availability. Call for details.

Why do I need to reserve with a credit card?

Our credit card system is encrypted, which protects every transaction from possible fraud. This being said, if you don’t have a CC handy, you can still reserve without one by calling (912) 604-3007.  Reservations secured with a credit card will be given priority, however. Our group sizes are limited and closely monitored by the City of Savannah, so securing with a credit card is your best option. Attempting a walk-up or having an unsecured reservation might mean that you miss out.

What if it rains? Will the tour be cancelled?

The tour is conducted regardless of inclement weather, within reason. Bring an umbrella if the weather looks iffy. Excessive lightning or power outages downtown (an infrequent occurrence) may result in a tour being cancelled, but this is extremely rare.

I want to see a specific pub on the Pub Crawl. How do I ensure this?

Which pubs are available is an issue completely out of our control. The pubs themselves are separate businesses, with no connection to Cobblestone Tours. Private functions, hourly restrictions by the pubs themselves, and other closings (such as for renovation) can sometimes restrict which pubs we visit, and there is no set route– the tour guide has their own discretion as to where the tour goes. All that we can guarantee is that we’ll tell our best stories and pick the best route available that particular evening.

I’m 137 years old, and I think it’s ridiculous that a bar might demand to see my ID. Can’t the bartender or bouncer tell that I’m old enough to remember seeing Star Wars in the theatre?

The bar staff are too clever to be fooled by old Jedi mind-tricks: they DO need to see your identification. The bartender could be fired if he/she doesn’t ask to see your ID, so don’t take it personally when you’re asked to produce it. Please remember that it’s not the bar’s rule, it’s a city requirement.

What’s your best pick-up line?

“Do you have the time? Because I have the stamina.”

That’s terrible.

No, it isn’t. A bad pick-up line is, “Does this napkin smell like cloroform to you?”

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